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What sets us apart from the rest is our people.

Our awesome SaaS products provide the smartest solutions to common challenges faced in the Higher Education sector and are used by the world's best-known Universities. But to consistently deliver outstanding creativity, technical excellence, and remarkable customer service; that takes something truly special. It takes a high-performance culture built by people who, not only, understand what it means to show true humility, humanity, and humour, but who also love what they do and most importantly, who care! It’s what we call being a Gecko - and we have a whole team of them!

As we grow, we’re committed to ensuring that Gecko remains an awesome place to work. We want our Geckos to come to work every day, excited to be challenged and create something awesome, in a place where they feel valued, where they have a voice and are where they able build their careers in a fun and supportive environment.

"From my first interview, I knew Gecko was exactly the place I wanted to work. Gecko has attracted a team of skilled individuals who are highly motivated and share the same core values that the company has. The culture of the company has played a key role in not only my satisfaction but that of my teammates as well. It is refreshing to work for a company who put the welfare of their employees first and this has been very apparent working with Gecko during the pandemic, allowing us to work from home and flexible working patterns for a better work-life balance. I truly enjoy working with a group of very talented, motivated individuals who are ready to lend advice, share knowledge and help me perform my best."

Paige Lynch
Office Coordinator (joined March 2020)


We like to think we're a little more the the usual clichés... but its still OK to miss them

Gecko life now, is very different to Gecko life at the start of 2020. But like our namesake, we adapt and thrive!

Until March, we were all mostly based in our colourful New Town office, used to seeing one-another every day, sharing stories, solving problems and creating great things together.

We had our lovely treats and perks such as the coolest gadgets, best furniture, free breakfast, fortnightly lunches, reflexology or massage, ping-pong leagues, Sprint burritos, drinks galore, cakes, treats left, right and centre... And we were social, so social. Come Friday, after the working week was done, you’d always find at least some of us at the local ‘public house’ next door, discussing weekend plans. 

Then the dreaded "C" word (coronavirus) began to come a bit too close for our liking so we made the decision to move to a temporary fully remote set-up in order to protect the wellbeing of our Geckos. 

Gecko Life Now

Now we're all working from home and, although we miss the face-to-face human connection, we're thriving! 

Our usual Gecko traditions and rituals swapped out with virtual alternatives; Company Stand Ups are now completely virtual; the Friday pub is now also virtual (see picture, right); as is our daily (virtual) lunch room; birthday cakes are now birthday cake vouchers; numerous Slack channels replace daily topics such as #ratemyplate or #fit; and, our mental health Coach also takes all of her sessions virtually too. We've also started doing some new things such as; having randomised virtual coffees each week, something we'd not explored before but is really successful; quiz or games nights; teaching online classes such as HIIT, yoga or meditation; online group journalling; Friday Tunes where one of us takes over the tunes; and even monthly cooking classes!

We're not certain when we'll go back to the office or what that will look like yet but one thing's for sure, we do love the new commute!

"What excites me most about working at Gecko is that we're allowed to be dissenters. We can have our own opinions and we can share them as equals and no one will call you out for that. So as well as being a great place to work, it's also a great place to grow and to find who you want to be."

Lee McGowan
Senior Software Development Engineer (Joined November 2020)

Perks & Benefits

The nice things

  • 28 Days Holiday (plus 4 days gifted at Christmas and New Year)
  • Employee Assistance Programme, discounts and benefits through Perkbox
  • MacBook Pro
  • Bose QC35ii Noise Cancelling Headphones (or alt. up to £250)
  • Work From Anywhere / Work From Home
  • Pension
  • EMI Share Options (after qualifying length of service)
  • Birthday Off
  • Flexible Working Week
  • Remote Working (UK)

I started at Gecko just over a year ago and loved the office environment (mainly the endless snacks & comfy beanbags), but shortly after we transitioned into a fully remote workplace. I was so surprised at how connected I managed to feel given I’d only been in the office with the rest of the Gecko team for a short period of time. Although, I miss the face to face with my work friends, Gecko really puts their employees at the core of what they do, making me feel 100% supported and connected from home. My favourite part about Gecko is definitely the freedom to create a way of working that works best for me, the freedom to have our own opinions and share them and that no question is ever a silly question. The office drinks & snacks drew me in but the innovative culture and motivated people made me stay!

Steph Sharkey
Campaign & Content Executive (Joined December 2019)

Our Hiring Process

Hiring Process at Gecko

What's a Gecko?

We're humans, not bots

  • Curious and creative - with a natural inclination to question and experiment
  • Opinionated, yet open-minded – willing to suggest and accept improvements
  • Growth-oriented and loves to learn new things
  • Outcome-oriented (JFDI) and thrives on working autonomously
  • Dissenters! Not afraid to break from the norm and challenge each other to continuously evolve and innovate
  • Collaborators who love to work closely with our cross-functional teammates on interesting projects
  • Ambitious and driven – we want to grow personally and professionally with our team(s) and company

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